The Oriental Fan Placemat in Powder Blue

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We love Asian food, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, and the list goes on, but we never had that perfect placemat that went with Asian cuisine, to display them on! Introducing, The Oriental Fan, a placemat that's shaped like a fan with it's signature panels and ribs, and finished off with an ice blue tassel, has been designed in honour of the traditional Chinese fan, that dates back 3000 years ago.

Named Shanhan, one of the earliest known “fans” wasn’t like the hand-held ones we still see today. These were tied to a horse-drawn carriage and used to block the heat of the sun and shelter passengers from the rain (much like today’s umbrella). However, the Shanhan soon evolved into a long-handled fan called the Zhangshan. Made of thin, yet tough, silk or bird feathers, this type of fan was mainly used by the emperor’s honor guard for decoration. It wasn’t until the Zhou Dynasty, more than 2,000 years ago, that people started using folding fans to cool down.

Because At Decorate Lane, we understand that Asian food can leave a lil stain here and there, with our yummy condiments, and a wipe up is sometimes necessary. This placemat is made out of a special fabric that is washable. 

Style with our Sky Blue Scallop Napkins to match. 

  • Sold as 1 piece only
  • Widest area is at 19 inches across by 14 inches vertical
How to clean a stain off: 
  • Dry the stain with paper towels to remove excess oil etc
  • Use a brush (gently) with mild soap to remove the stain
  • If the stain isn't removed yet, place it in a basin with water and mild soap (coconut soap or mild detergent) for 10-15 mins. 
  • Rinse to remove soap
  • Dry all excess water with a towel
  • Lay flat to dry and allow placemat to dry thoroughly before storing away

*As these are a delicate shape, ensure that the placemat is not folded or crushed.