We love Asian cuisine - Japanese, Chinese, Thai food, and the list goes on, but we never had that perfect placemat that went with Asian cuisine, to display them on!

Introducing, The Oriental Fan, a placemat that's shaped like a fan with it's signature panels and ribs, and finished off with a fuschia pink tassel for that pop of colour to contrast with the subtle lilac rose, has been designed in honour of the traditional Chinese fan, that dates back 3000 years ago.

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About Us

Seated for a beautiful meal with loved ones is really what matters most. At Decorate Lane, each time we conjure a design or curate a piece from the world over, we know that your most cherished guests are with you around the table.

That is why we strive to curate & design modern yet timeless tabletop luxuries that make for great tabletop ambiance that create a mood for the best conversations around the table. Because, in this day and age, making memories as such count.